Online lead generation strategies

If your business needs more effective strategies to attract prospects online, turn them into leads and convert them into customers, we have you covered in this article! Try these tips to help bring more customers to your digital doorway:

Leverage FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Fear of missing out is one of the most powerful emotional triggers, creating a sense of scarcity that you can leverage to attract more leads. Strategies that work to convert consumers include a countdown timer on your opt-in form or landing page offer. Try it for your own business to see if it increases your leads.

Be strategic with your CTAs

There are two key rules for CTAs (Call To Action). Rule one, keep them above the fold (the top half) of your website and directly in front of the customer, and make sure they work across all screens/devices (i.e. desktop, tablet, mobile phone). Rule two, focus on just one CTA per page.

Remove unnecessary navigation from offer pages

If you're trying to get traffic to a landing page, direct your visitors to a single offer presented on each page, and nothing else. Eliminate any other exits (links), so you don't lose your prospects when they jump to another page.

Reduce website clutter

When it comes to converting visitors online, less is more. People want more information about what they are looking for, and they want it quickly. Your website text should be short and to the point, driving a message that triggers an action. You can always add more detailed information on subpages or in downloadable content, but keep things high-level on your main web pages.

Publish video content

Video is one of the most popular forms of content because it can be consumed on the go with little to no effort. Thanks to today's sophisticated cell phone cameras, you can easily create video with little cost and push it across several channels. To stand out, share different video content concepts that show your audience the key benefits of your service or product.

Interact on social media

Social media is the new customer service go-to platform. No longer can you just "set and forget" your social media posts and go on with your day. Consumers expect businesses to offer customer service via social media-and they demand fast answers to their questions. This means actively monitoring and interacting on social media every day, or delegating this task to a team member.

Highlight customer success stories

There's no faster or more effective way to increase consumer trust and your on line conversion than success stories in your existing customers' or clients' own words. Post positive customer quotes in your social channels, use them in digital marketing initiatives and on your website-and encourage happy clients to leave online reviews.

Commit to implementing just one or two of these strategies each month for increasing the effectiveness of your online prospecting efforts, and you'll be well on your way to lead generation success. ■

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