Life and living: Get fit for the festive season

With most gyms closed since earlier in the year, your work­out routine may have gone out the window. If that's the case, it's time to get back to it. Give yourself the gift of fitness this year by trying this easy, at-home workout. Here are some tips to get you moving again:

No home gym? No problem!

There's a lot of cost-effective equipment you can use to get in a good, hard workout. Consider a few options:

  • Kettlebells provide a great full body workout with lots of versatility.

  • A door frame pull-up bar can help you build an awesome upper body.

  • Resistance bands don't take up a lot of room and can be a great way to increase the difficulty level of normal bodyweight moves.

  • A step bench is great for a cardiovascular and lower body workout. All it takes is performing a few moves to fast-paced music.

  • A jump rope is key to any home gym. It supports a good cardiovascular workout and doesn't take up much space.

Get your app on!

There are many great apps and social media channels that offer good at-home workouts of all skill and difficulty levels. Try or to explore a variety of workouts. A general search on YouTube will also turn up options.

Schedule workouts on your calendar

If you treat workouts like business meetings, you're far more likely to stick with them. Schedule your workouts in your calendar for the days you want to work out.

Additional ideas

  • Choose an exercise for each major muscle group each day and make it more challenging as you begin to build strength.

  • Try "exercise snacking." Perform just a few reps of an exercise each hour, such as five push-ups and squats.

  • If a routine isn't your scene, simply go for a walk, and then increase the distance as you grow stronger.

It's not that difficult to make your holidays a little fitter—even if you're staying home or the weather outside is frightful. Use these tips to give your body, mind and spirit the gift of great health this year. ■

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